Web Site Protection API

AbyssGuard is a web site firewall that offers prevention for different threat types like spam and hack attempts. Your visitors will be analyzed in real time and if AbyssGuard finds malicious behavior, these users will be banned and your web page won't be served to them, thus saving server resources for your real visitors.

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  • Anti Hack

    AbyssGuard is able to detect hack attempts by analyzing the behavior of the visitors to your website.

  • Anti Spam

    AbyssGuard can analyze the comments submitted by your visitors in search of spam patterns in addition to the detection of several commonly used spam techniques.

  • Cache

    Client Side Cache using APC or Memcached for maximum performance and fully invisible for your visitors service!

  • Visitor Analysis

    Distinguishing robots from legitimate visitors by analyzing the headers passed by them.

  • Open Proxy Detection

    AbyssGuard can detect Open Proxies that are most often used by hackers and bots in order to cover their tracks and remain anonymous.

  • Fake Search Engine Detection

    AbyssGuard can verify if this really is one of the major Search Engines or just an offender. Supporting Google, MSN/Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex.

  • User-Agent Filtering

    AbyssGuard has a predefined blacklist of User-Agents used by malicious scripts and offenders.

  • AbyssGuard Community Network

    Shared Community Network between the AbyssGuard users that blocks the usual offenders the moment they reach your site.

  • TOR Project Detection

    AbyssGuard can detect TOR Project exit nodes.

  • Single Instance for All Websites

    You can use a single installation of AbyssGuard with multiple websites on the same server.

  • Personal Whitelist/Blacklist

    You can add to your personal Whitelist/Blacklist: individual IPs; IP ranges; restricted URL addresses; Countries. You can also make exempts to the builtin functionality for full control.

  • Detailed Log

    Each offender will be logged into the database and will be shown in the log.

  • Effective Ban

    Once detected the offenders will be banned from the websites you protect with AbyssGuard for a period of time of your choice.

  • Project Honey Pot httpBL

    In addition to its native functions, AbyssGuard has integrated support for Project Honey Pot Service.



Jack Zehring

I just wanted to give a thumbs up on this service.
It has reduced the amount of comment spam to near zero and provides an easy way to add repeat offenders in to blacklist. Also, since we are a local business in the United States the constant crawling by foreign spiders and many in the United States was much more readily addressed - some directly by abyss, the foreign countries simply by adding the countries to the blacklist. This was all done manually in the .htaccess file previously and was man-hour intensive (I have 4 sites to manage).
In the past more than 2x the traffic on these sites came from these spiders, bots, etc. That for instance, has also made management of analytics (like Google and Bing) much easier and the numbers are much better with respect to ROI, etc.
Bottom line, this is a great service.

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