Fake Search Engine Detection

Often offenders change their User-Agent to look like the major Search Engines. AbyssGuard has triple layer Search Engine detection to verify them. It's not rare to see different offenders using Google User-Agent in order to avoid protection systems. So don't worry if you see "Google" banned in your Logs page, it's not really Google.

Search Engine Detection

Upon successful validation of the visitor if the visitor is major Search Engine the name of this SE will be set in $GLOBALS['search_engine']. You can then use this information in your website.

Below you can see sample PHP on how to detect if a visitor of AbyssGuard protected website is a Search Engine:

if (!empty($GLOBALS['search_engine'])) {
    $search_engine = $GLOBALS['search_engine']; 

The variable $search_engine will carry out the name of the detected robot - Google, Yahoo! or MSN.

In order for the Search Engines Detection to work you have to enable the Core Protection option in your Settings.