Hack Prevention

AbyssGuard can successfully prevent most of the hack attempts toward your websites. It's often practice for hackers and hack bots to just probe your websites for weaknesses. AbyssGuard has builtin functionality that can detect any possible hack attempts. This doesn't necessarily mean that you are vulnerable to these hack techniques but better safe than sorry. Many websites suffer from poor coding, either the website itself or any plugins and addons that it may be using. There are always new ways to exploit the popular CMS like WordPress and Joomla for example and epsecially their additions. AbyssGuard however is on par with them and can detect most hacking techniques thanks to its prevention system. Of course we will always appreciate any information about new weaknesses in order to make AbyssGuard better.

It is possible however in some cases for AbyssGuard to see some legitimate visitors as hackers if your website uses unsafe characters in its URL addresses for example. In this case you can use the Exempt in order to exempt given request queries from being threaten as hack attempts.

In order for the Hack Prevention to work you have to enable the Core Protection option in your Settings.