Comment Spam Prevention

AbyssGuard has builtin Anti Spam system that will analyze the comments submitted by your visitors to your blogs and cguest books and if certain patterns are met, they will be reported back as spam and the comment won't be submitted to your website. For your convenience the comments will be recoded in your AbyssGuard Client's database so you can review them later in the Logs page. However, at this point you can't report false positives although they are very unlikely to happen. This is something we are planning to implement in the future.

Note that this feature is available only for comments, like in various guest books or blogs, not for forums where the visitors are already verified members!

In order for this feature to work, you need to have these names on your input fields in your comment form:

  • author
  • email
  • url
  • comment

These are the standard fields used by most of the websites out there. Only author and comment are mandatory fields.

In order for the Comment Spam check to work you have to enable the Comment Checking option in your Settings.

Referer Spam

In addition to the Comment Checking, AbyssGuard has builtin functionality to detect Referer Spammers. These are usually bots that make one hit to your website passing fake Referer. The Referer request-header allows the visitor to specify the URL of the page from which he was referred to your website. As this header is easy to manipulate it's often practice to pass fake Referer in order to full your statistics and to make you visit the website that "referred" to you and then their spam attempt will be successful.

In order for the Referer Spam check to work you have to enable the Core Protection option in your Settings.