Caching Methods

The AbyssGuard Client has its own Caching methods - APC, Memcached and Disk Cache. They ensure optimal performance and absolute transparency in front of your visitors.

The Disk cache is used by default as the other two methods need to be installed on your web server in order to be used. After you check your Client's Settings page whether you can use any of the other methods, you can enable it from the config file.

It's always recommended to use APC or Memcached if possible, as they are faster. For performance improvement, since v4 of the AbyssGuard Client, you can choose the location of your Cache folder. This way you can use it on a Ramdsik giving you nearly the same performance as the memory based methods.

Because Disk cache doesn't have its own garbage collector, AbyssGuard Client will check on a time interval to ensure that the older unused files are removed.