About AbyssGuard

AbyssGuard is a web site protection system that offers prevention for different threat types like spam and hack attempts. It will analyze the behavior of your visitors and if everything is ok the content of your page will be served to them. They will be recorded for a short period of time in order not to be checked again. If AbyssGuard finds malicious behaviour, these users will be banned and your web page won't be served to them, thus saving server resources and bandwidth.

Note that AbyssGuard does not protect your web server, just your web sites. AbyssGuard is ideal for webmasters that own several web sites on the same server as it can be enabled on all of them with single centralized instance and common log.

AbyssGuard consists of Server and Client side. The Client side will observe the visits to the websites you wish to protect and will send information to the Server for analysis. The information sent to the Server is as follows:

  • Your Settings values in order to know what to analyze
  • Visitors' IP, URI, User-Agent, and request headers

Then the Server will analyze the data in order to find out if the visitor poses threat to you and it will return response. All offending IP addresses are being cached at the AbyssGuard Server and if enough different people report them for malicious activity they will be blacklisted for a short period of time.

The offenders will not be checked multiple times as the Client has its own Cache and Banlist. However their further attempts to access the website again will be recorded for your information and shown in the log if enabled. The currently banned IP addresses will be shown in the Banlist page so if necessary you can remove individual IP addresses from this list earlier.